At Bethcare Great things happen everyday. Whether its a brief encounter or a life changing event, we are committed to serve you and promote remarkable improvement in wellness at the comfort of your homes

Bethcare home nursing services is a valid way for elderly patients and others in general to maintain independence even with a comprehensive treatment routine. The care we give is effective in maintaining positivity and a better quality of life, as it allows for some clinical services in the comfort of the home.

SERVICES we offer include:

  • Post-operative oversight

  • Physical and Speech therapy

  • Social counseling for patients and their family members

  • Case management

  • Nutritional therapy, including maintenance of feeding tubes

  • Palliative care and medication management

  • Home safety education and preventive services

  • Pain management techniques

  • Resources for support and education

  • Life saving techniques and measures

For patients who have severe disabilities, terminal conditions, and cognitive impairment, Bethcare provides the service of a live-in nurse which we consider to be more appropriate. In this case, our live-in nurse attends to caretaking in the same capacity as though the patient were in a hospital setting while they are still in the comfort of their home. In these cases, expanded services include:
  • Assisting in physical functionality and working with patients for coping

  • Monitoring vitals and regulating drug regimens

  • Coordinating the installation of necessary equipment for treatment

  • Working on cognitive stimulation and memory retention

  • Updating and counseling family members

  • Bathing, feeding, and other routines

What our clients value most is the much-needed companionship. Someone to talk to over an evening meal, to get out and about with, to watch the television with and for guidance and emotional support. Remaining at home avoids most of the emotive issues and potential lifestyle restrictions giving peace of mind not only to the client, but to family and friends.

Bethcare offers Home Aides Services in four categories:

Category 1

  • Bathing & Showering

  • Grooming & Hygiene

  • Incontinence care

  • Catheter care.

Category 2

Medication reminders, Prescription pick up, Vital signs, Observe & Report conditions, Brain fitness activities, Exercise assistance, Assist with walking, Prepare meals & snacks, Monitor Diet & eating habits, Feeding assistance, Encourage fluids, Turning / Positioning, Supervision, Transport to Doctor.

Category 3

Accompany to medical and non-medical appointments.

Category 4

Light housekeeping, Grocery shopping, Home safety, Patient supervision, Home maintenance.

Bethcare nurses provide comprehensive wound care management ranging from chronic to post-surgical. Our nurses are experienced in wound and ostomy care, and can help answer questions for the client or family caregiver. We focus on providing quality care for complex or hard-to-heal wounds. Our specialized wound care nurses are recognized for their expertise and highly effective, evidence-based treatments. We visit the home to assess patient needs and develop a specific plan of care.

Scope of Service

  • Assessment, monitoring and management of surgical wounds

  • Assessment, monitoring and management of pressure sores

  • Daily wound care.

  • Patient and family education on how to care for and dress the wound

  • Medication and Pain Management

  • Nutritional guidance for optimum wound healing.

  • Devices and equipment to assist with wound prevention and healing.

  • Collaborate with Doctors and Surgeons if applicable.

We Help You With:

  • Providing high-quality wound care at home
  • Providing early interventions to prevent hospital re-admissions
  • Educating patient and family in the management of the wound
  • Improving patient quality of life
  • Working collaboratively with you, the referring physician, to expedite patient recovery

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